Dance is the only language in which you cannot lie. “Martha Graham”

Passion, desire, beauty, life.......... All words which are synonymous with the world of dance. States of body, mind and soul to which we, as dancers, aspire to and are constantly in search of.

The times when everything comes together are truly magical moments and are treasured and remembered always. These times serve to fuel the fires of the search for the next window of perfection.

Oriental dance combines femininity, sensuality and joy in a truly magnificent way. It is an inspiring avenue for emotional expression and an ideal training for body, soul and spirit.

As a lifelong practitioner of dance and performance in its various forms, Russya has a vast reservoir of experience from which to draw. In choosing to focus on the beauty of Oriental Dance she has followed a path, which has led her on an adventure throughout the shows, festivals and performances of Europe, The Middle East and Australia and allowed her to work with an amazing array of talented artists from all walks of life. Russya's passion for dance is probably best illustrated by the path of her various performances ranging from traditional belly dance to theatrical stage shows and cutting edge multimedia performances, being a dancer as well as choreographer and director. A lifelong journey and the search continues... and led her to create the yearlong orient-dance-art stage performance training

In successfully managing to combine a professional understanding of the anatomy of human movement with the elements of dance, which form such a big part of her life, Russya has developed a truly individual style of teaching and sharing knowledge. The essence of which is which is helping and guiding others on their own personal search for perfection.

Things such as contents and grandeur in the dance, discipline in training, clear teaching concepts, clean dance techniques, advancement of the dance in relation to modern functional concepts became important than just repeating traditions. She is a warm-hearted, charismatic, disciplined professional dancer with strong, clear and systematic dance technique. With all own requirements in terms of the professionalism she never loses her empathyto challenge and support in equal terms to bring out the best in her students. If you can identify with the idea "only a dancer knows the feeling!" and would be interested in becoming involved in workshops, shows and other areas of Oriental Dance feel free to contact.


Russya from Germany: Her dance to Shakira´s Eyes
Like Yours was filled with catlike flexibility and surprising movements and she had combined oriental and western elements in a dynamic fashion. Her dance lessons in modern style were the most popular of the festival this year.
Her dance Nasma was a total change from her first apperance, a classical raks sharki in tradtionell style belly dance magazin, Finnland

The audience was captured by her elegance and vitality Hamburger Abendblatt

Her dance performed a poem to a very intesiv and dramatic music, presenting the dark side of seduction-wild and passionate. It made the fire shine brighter and rised the moon,. Her dancing style is dynamic, abundand and technical perfect. A true highlight of the show Halima, belly dance magazin, Germany