Russya started dancing at the age of six and was trained in Ballet, Jazz and Modern Dance. In 1987 she discovered oriental dance, the beginning of a passion.
She began her studies at "Centrum für Orientalischen Tanz" in Munich, continued her training with famous belly dance couple Beata and Horacio Cifuentes in Berlin and has deepened her experience abroad with a number of teachers including Sahra Saeda, Raqia Hassan, Dauat Ibrahim, Lelya Jouvana, Hassan Affifi, Mahmoud Reda and performed with a lot of egyptian bands including the well known drummer Sayed Balaha who has fomerly worked with belly dance icon Nagua Fuad. She danced in Germany, Spain, Finnland, Sweden, Poland, England, Singapore and Australia. Her experience ranges from performing as a belly dancer at traditional weddings, in Turkish and Egyptian nightclubs and restaurants, private functions, as well as theatre shows

Russya has also graduated from the "monsun academy of voice and performance" in Hamburg, studied acting at "SynapseCreativeChaos" in London and singing with Prof. Peter Elkus. Yoga is part of her daily practice.

So as to broaden her knowledge and understanding of human movement she has worked with Suprapto Suyardamo, a Javanese master of dance and meditation, for several years and is also a certified Polestar Pilates trainer and Educator.

She finished her Masters of Arts (Drama Therapy) at the Edith Cowan University in Perth, and currently lectures movement and expression for contemporary performance at WAAPA as well as using drama and dance as therapeutic tools in various settings like drug and alcohol counselling, mother and childhood attachment, or creative problem solving (stage fright, speaking in front of an audience, body images etc).

2011 Scholarship to complete PhD at WAAPA
Currently she is a PhD candidate at WAAPA.
2008 Cert. 3 in Fitness, Cert. pregnancy in motion
Member of the International Dance Council - CID
2007 AThR, PACAWA member
2006 Master of Arts (MA Drama Therapy). ECU.
2003 Dip. Yoga-Gym & Classic Training
2002 Certified Practitioner Of Pilates Studio Polestar
1998 Dip. Acting
1997 Dip. Performing Arts, Hamburg
1991 Dip. Dance Pedagogics


As a lifelong practitioner of belly dance and performance in its various forms, Russya has a vast reservoir of experience from which to draw. In choosing to focus on the beauty of Oriental Belly Dance she has followed a path, which has led her on an adventure throughout the shows, festivals and performances of Europe, The Middle East and Australia and allowed her to work with an amazing array of talented artists from all walks of life. Russyas passion for dance is probably best illustrated by the path of her various performances ranging from traditional belly dance to theatrical stage shows and cutting edge multi media performances, being a dancer as well as choreographer and director. A lifelong journey and the search continues... and led her to create the yearlong orient-dance-art stage performance training.

In successfully managing to combine a professional understanding of the anatomy of human movement with the elements of dance, which form such a big part of her life, Russya has developed a truly individual style of teaching and sharing knowledge. The essence of which is which is helping and guiding others on their own personal search for perfection.

Things such as contents and grandeur in the dance, discipline in training, clear teaching concepts, clean dance techniques, advancement of the dance in relation to modern functional concepts became important than just repeating traditions.

She is known for her articulate dance style, ranging from classical and theatrical performances to modern and traditional belly dance shows & looks back on years of experience of being on stage; she thrives for quality and professionalism in every aspect of dance As a teacher she is also well known for her ability to convey not only dance techniques, a feeling for music, and zest of life, but also personality and self-confidence. Russya is a hard taskmaster, but endowed with a great deal of empathy she always manages to challenge and bring out the best of all her students.

Artistic Work

Oriental Dance Shows

2011 coreography BLAU for
Link dance comany
2010/2011 WAMED Festival Perth
2009 various shows in Germany
2008 WAMED Festival Perth
2007 Schmidts Tivoli Hamburg
2006 Empires of Dance Perth.
2005 Orientobsession Germany Tournee
2004 AIDA Cara Cruise Ship
Bellies Under the Stars Perth Amphitheatre
Bellies for Breasts Perth, Octagon Theatre
Orientobsession Hamburg, Bremen, Carlsruhe
Gala Bazaar Oriental Berlin.
2003 Finland Oriental Dance Festival Turku.
Soul Of Orient Womanperspective Festival, Carlsruhe
Orienta Spring Festival Frankfurt
Presenter Orient Dance Hamburg
Summer Dance Week Munich
2002 Singapore Orient Night Singapore
Middle Eastern Dance Festival. Sydney
Dance Week Canberra
Football World Cup Hamburg
Khan-el-Khalili Show Hamburg
Orient-Magazine Festival Augsburg
Orienta Frankfurt.
Lelya Jouvanas 10th.Orientalisches Festival Europe
Finland Oriental Dance Festival Turku
2001 10th Year Jubilee, Group 1001 Nights Hamburg
Show in Thessaloniki Greece, with Sayed Balaha.
Harem Nights & Censored Images Perth
World of Orient Hanover
One Night From 1000 Nights, Gala Hamburg
Dance Festival Up To Dance Gladbeck
Variety in Goldbeckhaus Rampenfieber Hamburg
2001 Kissenfest, Hamburg & Congress Mirow
2000 Babylon Show in Thessaloniki Greece, with Ibrahim Abu Hassan
"Schmidt’s Theater" Hamburg, Variety
1999 Oum Koulthum Homage, Gala. Hamburg
Orient Show Cottbus
1998 Schrille Nacht, Heitere Nacht Hamburg, Variety
"Schlachthof", Opening celebrations Hamburg
1997 "Schmidts Theater" Hamburg, Variety.
Group member of the Egyptian band 1001 nights.
1996 "Schmidt’s Theater" Hamburg, Variety
Opening of Theatre in Bauhaus, Rottweil
1995 resident dancer at "Sultan” Hamburg.
1994 shows in Sweden and Spain North German Dance Festival.


2012 "how close do you want me?" for proximity Winner of the spirit of fringe award "on the couch with the Freudian dream girls" Fringe World Festival
2011 Les Giraffes, Ringboy company off, PIAF
2009 Celebration (H.Pinter) directing
2007 Journey of the happy Buddha Eve Ralf Rauker
2006 Vagina Monologues div Sally Latin
2005 Jury Selection, Putting On An Act Performance Russya Connor
Check Out! Agent Gully Jane Raitt
2003 Messiahs Angel Bildai F.Fleckenstein, Germany
Electro Belly Minimal 2 Performance Otto/Ressin, Germany
2002 Elektro Belly Minimal Performance Otto/Ressin, Germany
2001 the little ice bear little ice bear W. Göltner, Germany
2000 eventtheater, industrial shows div Germany
Sacred Rhythm purification Prabto Suyardamo, Bali
1999 Maria Stuart Lady Curl Udo Schürmer, Germany
Pinocchio Füchsin H Uleman, Germany
Das doppelte Lottchen div Klaus Gutbier, Germany
Ein Kranich im Schnee Kranich Yuki Beatrice Arnim, Germany
1998 The Flower Time Temple Water Prabto Suyardamo, England
Ein Kranich im Schnee Kranich Yuki Beatrice Arnim, Germany
1997 Light Dole Sebastian Grobler, Germany
Alle Lust will Ewigkeit Soloperformance Christina Jänichen, Germany
Moving in Poetry Art Prabto Suyardamo, Germany
1996 Der König stirbt Königin Margarete Dominique le Parc, Germany


2005 withheld Sarah Sunisa Brown for FTI
Counting numbered day Jess Brendan Briggs, for Curtin
2005 Mermaids Gideon Ian Scott for PAC
2004 do you like it Jen Peter Gleeson, short film
2002 Sesame Street Marlene Holger Borgrefe, for NDR
2001 Loves rules Andrea Karl Kases, for SAT1
SAR Lena Rolf Liccini for ZDF
Judge at three I.Mosheimer Hartwig Vanderneut ZDF
2000 Judge at three Jasmin Schmolz Heidi Ramlow, for ZDF
Anam driver Buket Alakus, movie
Castle Einstein Frau Antelmann Renate Kaye, for KiKa/ ARD
Kiss me, Tiger young woman Jan Ruzika, for NDR
Die Affäre Semmeling politician Dieter Wedel, for ZDF
Motorcycle-Cops Natascha Helmut Metzger, for RTL
Der Einzelne in der Gesellschaft Mo Micha Würfel, for dffb
Wollfs Revier cop Arend Agthe, for Sat1
1999 Delay Wendy Laurence Tootey, for HdK
Die Meinung des Dorfes div Stefanie Ressin
K3 actress Jan Ruzika, for RTL
1998 Roy´s Welten Dancer Buket Alakus, for FHH.
Adelheid und die Mörder Dancer Arend Agthe, for: ARD
St. Angela Annett Grolik John Delbridge, for: ARD
1997 Paralyser Housewife Nik Schofield for VIVA